We offer brand new aftermarket outer lips and inner barrels for your wheels. Our parts are made from forged 6061T6 alloy and is among the strongest and lightest available on the market. Check out the lips & barrels tab to find your needed parts. 


Don’t see your wheels listed? We stock blank parts and have programs on our in-house CNC for many popular wheel brands and models. If we do not have the program, we just ask you to ship us one of your wheel centers so we can program it into our CNC and we can cut new lips/barrels for you. 


Want us to tackle taking care of your wheel rebuild? With parts purchased through us, our professional wheel specialists can handle disassembly, reassembly, and resealing. Some wheel rebuilds require additional machining and work (ex. 3-piece welded wheels, 2-piece to 3-piece wheel conversions, step up conversions, etc). Please email us for an accurate price quote. 



$220 - Redrill wheels for minor PCD changes (ex. 5x114.3 to 5x112, 5x120, etc). Price is for all 4. 

$150 - Enlarge hub bore of wheels. Price is for all 4.

All redrill and hub bore enlargement services are performed on our in-house CNC. It is the safest, most accurate, and only correct way of performing this service.



We also offer a variety of refinishing services to accompany your wheel build including powdercoating, polishing, brush finish, chrome plating, etc. Email us for a complete and accurate price quote for your wheel build today!

2 Pc / 3 Pc Conversions

This is where we convert current OEM or 2 pc Wheels to another construction method ( eg OEM 1 pc to 3 pc) . There is lots of factors that influence the price so please contact us for more information.

Custom Made Wheels

Put simply we can design and make you ANY DESIGN wheel you want in almost any size. This can be done as a Forged Monoblock 1 pc , 2 Piece bolted, 2 piece welded or a 3 piece bolted. Please contact us for more information.